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A pregnant restaurateur plans to steal a priceless truffle from a reclusive veteran during the pandemic in this tense, slow-burn thriller.

While you may imagine Pig as if told from the POV of those who dare steal from Nicolas Cage (in full-on Grizzly Adams mode), this slow-burn thriller treads its own path.

Starting as a northern Gothic heist flick, Peppergrass unexpectedly morphs into a metaphorical and meditative survival flick, using its setup to represent the fear and desperation of the early months of the pandemic and its main characters eventual journey into a stark, unforgiving (and frozen) landscape a reflection of our eventual isolation and horizonless present.

Featuring a tough-as-nails lead turn by co-director Chantelle Han, Peppergrass’ minimalist aesthetic focuses us on the process of adaptation needed in order to survive the advance of an unknown yet resourceful antagonist merely implementing his own methods of survival, just like a virus which hunts (and haunts) us…. 

  • Year
  • Runtime
    98 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Director
    Steven Garbas & Chantelle Han
  • Screenwriter
    Steven Garbas & Philip Irwin
  • Cast
    Chantelle Han, Charlie Boyland, Michael Copeman