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Emerging artists break it down and start again.


NADOYEL VISUALS / 2019 / USA, English / 3 min, 19 sec

Upon entering a Mountain's portal, two wild creatures release the Mountain spirit in exchange for their captivity. 

CEELYA / 2020 / USA, English / 00:02:14 

Fire is awakened upon being bound by Water. The two fight in a dreamscape. 

9 fairy 9 tales 9 / 2020 / USA, Nahuatl / 00:01:27 

Mihyocui, the Nahuatl word for breathe / to breathe / to inhale. A message to members of the diaspora to breathe. 

IZZY BRAVO is an actor and filmmaker. Her raunchy avante garde film style reflects the emotional complexities of human to human interactions. Drawing from her own experiences and daydreams, Izzy communicates and shares the world through her eyes with visuals that can tell more than the limited word. She bases her work on her queer, de-tribed indigeneity. Her work has been featured in several festivals, including Manchester Pride, Edinburgh Student Arts Festival, CUNTemporary Ecofutures Festival, and the Eastside Queer Storytellers Festival. izzybravo.com  IG: @theizzyfantasy 

  • Year
  • Runtime
    7 minutes
  • Country
    United States
  • Filmmaker
    Izzy Bravo