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"One of the salient attributes of a film is that it not only reflects the time in which it was made and released, it has the potential to transcend temporality, pointing towards the future and the past, often simultaneously. In thinking about queer radicalism and revolution as portrayed in film and performance-for-camera, and questioning whether radicalism or revolution exist today, we include the underknown film Race d’Ep! (1979) by Guy Hocquenghem and Lionel Soukaz, which articulates a timeline of homosexual liberation that begins not in the 1960s but in the mid-1800s alongside and in conjunction with the history of photographic image making. We have included an array of short and feature length films, largely from California-based queer and trans filmmakers and artists of color, that each in its own manner offers a glimpse into the cultural climate of its release date along with a distinct vision of the past and/or the future. The most recently made film in our program is Leo Herrera’s Queer Futurist The FATHERS Project (2020) in which Herrera intercuts both shot and re-purposed imagery through a hybrid genre he calls sci-fi documentary to imagine a queer utopia, if not jouissance, by reframing the impact of HIV/AIDS on queer history and queer future."

- Curators Dino Dinco & Juan Fernandez


The experimental documentary Race d’Ep! (released as The Homosexual Century in English) was a collaboration by French writer and philosopher Guy Hocquenghem (1946 - 1988), a seminal figure in the formation of queer theory, and radical French filmmaker Lionel Soukaz (1953 - ). Spelled in reverse within the film’s title appears the most common French slur for the word faggot, pédé. In the film, Hocquenghem and Soukaz argue that the roots of a contemporary queer identity and liberation (homosexual, especially) took place in the middle of the 19th century, evolving in tandem with the history of photography.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    95 minutes
  • Director
    Guy Hocquenghem & Lionel Soukaz