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Hi-Kicks Entrails

Curated by Ironstone

Dance is the breath made visible. 6 Dancers tackle the scariest thing known to humanity: the body. Endless compounding horrors organized into rhythm mean it's not just about the body, it's about what you say with it. How is Dance not just about the body and how can that be recorded? Films with questions about process, progress, and posture.

To find an entrail:

Hang the central axis of the trunk upward

Screw tighter the distance between the mid-front of the pelvis and the 12th thoracic vertebra

Hook the top of the sternum to the top of the spine

Narrow the rib cage

Open the back of the pelvis

Pull the spine downward*

*Adapted from Lulu Sweigard’s Human Movement Potential identifying areas of the skeleton “whose location and alignment had the greatest influence on the alignment of the structure as a whole.”


An archival documentation of the dance that is found in daily life. Through the exploration of movement with time, duality, and repetition...Jordi prepares their nest for the winter like a squirrel ready to hibernate. 

Jordi is a non-conforming, afrofuturistic, multidimensional artist whose healing practices are deeply involved with local activism of L.A.’s QTBIPOC (queer, trans, Black, Indiginous and persons of colour) communities. https://earthtojordi.com

  • Year
  • Runtime
    20 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Filmmaker