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Summoned to his soon-to-be demolished childhood home, Mason discovers a video camera that can see into the past, driving him to record as many memories as possible, before the doomed house is destroyed. Utilizing the director’s actual home movies and casting real-life family members to play fictionalized versions of themselves, LandLocked combines narrative and documentary modes of filmmaking with horror and sci-fi to create a fascinating meditation on life’s big questions. 

“Throughout my career, I’ve oscillated between documentary and narrative filmmaking. With LandLocked, I wanted to find a middle ground between these two approaches that would allow the film to exist outside of documentary, narrative, horror or found footage. 

Between the genuine home videos and the invented narrative, there is an ambiguous space where reality blurs into fantasy. Some scenes … are reenactments of things that actually happened, … other moments are entirely improvised…. The end result is an exhilarating personal catharsis of sorts for me, both through the filmmaking process and the family story manifesting on screen.”


  • Year
  • Runtime
    75 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
    United States
  • Director
    Paul Owens
  • Screenwriter
    Paul Owens
  • Cast
    Mason Owens