Film Maudit 2.0 - 2022 (presented by Highways)

The Timekeepers Of Eternity with "Kopierwerk"

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Mr. Toomey has an important business meeting in Boston, but he is dreading the thought of flying there. His father’s screams, which haunt his traumatic dreams of childhood, can only be relieved by obsessively tearing paper, ripping it into strips. Awoken from such a dream during his flight, Toomey finds that most of his fellow passengers have vanished. When the survivors land, they see the airport eerily empty of life, like a blank page. Something is about to rip this weird paper purgatory-of-the-mind apart: monsters only Mr. Toomey can confront.

The Timekeepers of Eternity is found footage film appropriation of the Langoliers (1995) the 3-hour TV adaptation of the Stephen King novel. The Timekeepers of Eternity is mainly a science fiction monster time-travel B-movie, a labour of love and unnecessary obsession, an attempt to discover a film within a film, to create the story Mr Toomey deserves, a film made out of paper. The Timekeepers of Eternity mirrors the central villain’s addiction to ripping paper into the film medium. The found footage is assembled in new order and each frame is printed on paper. With the use of tears, creases and juxtapositions the film is re-photographed; resulting in a moving paper collage that reflects the protagonist’s obsession with torn paper. Through this absolute analogue technique, filmmaker and protagonist slowly merge into a new persona with a common goal, to make sense of the paper nightmare.”

-Aristotelis Maragkos

Aristotelis Maragkos is a writer/director whose work focuses on obsessive stories and reconciling with the past. His films experiment with different forms and materials and have screened at festivals around the world, including Telluride, Locarno, and Annecy. Aristotelis watched the 1995 Steven King TV miniseries The Langoliers when he was 12 years old; here he has edited, printed, and animated its “found footage” into a paper nightmare.

  • Year
  • Runtime
    64 minutes
  • Language
  • Country
  • Filmmaker
    Aristotelis Maragkos