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Curated by Planet Queer

NSFW FILM FESTIVAL is dedicated to screening queer video content that would normally be banned by mainstream online outlets. We believe in sex positivity and want to provide a platform for queer creative expression. Our screenings seek to function as an artistic community action addressing queerphobic sex shaming by internet policies that often target LGBTQ+ content. We hope to empower the tribe with hot queer visions!

Heath Daniels (Los Angeles) - 'What is the Sexy?' [2:51]

A campy, 1990s inspired, sexually explicit, original music video that begs the question, “What is the Sexy?” www.heathdaniels.com

Mark Hayward (Los Angeles) - 'Water' [2:32]

Mark Hayward has experience in museum curation, theater, film, studio art, and writing in commercial, nonprofit, and personal practices. @marktimothyhayward 

ScumTrust (Seattle) - 'A Sunday Hike' [4:59]

Scumtrust is a collective of trans / nonbinary artists who seek to show the fun, ridiculous, and grotesque side of bdsm and queer kink. @scumtrustproductions

Alan Ishii (Los Angeles) - 'Domestic Bliss & Banana Dance' [9:24]

Alan Ishii cooks, sews, films, sings, produces, and breaks hearts and other bodily organs. twitter.com/alanishiimusic

You Can Call Me Sir (Los Angeles) - 'Jackalope' [3:22]

Directed by Cassils, this is the second single off the ‘Blood Moon’ EP starring Sir, a bandit serial killer taking down the patriarchy... one blood sacrifice at a time. 

Derek Viveiros (Los Angeles) - 'Pimples n’ Nipples' [5:18]

As a gay independent filmmaker (and recuperating Catholic), Derek Viveiros is on a mission to challenge the landscape of television and film through creative sexual expression. @derekviveiros_sho

FAE Films (Los Angeles) - 'Sand Spirit' [2:16]

FAE Films make gay art and sex videos. onlyfans.com/faefilms

Jeffzilla (Los Angeles) - 'Untitled' [1:36]

Jeffzilla is an LA-based artist, musician, punk historian, and co-founder of CoolWorld Party LA. His humorous installations, video art, and live shows explore the haunting relationship between commodity, consumer culture, and synthetic situations in America. @jeffandthejerks

Dean Littner (Los Angeles) - 'Dadbabe' [3:25]

This Dad-meets-Babe story breathes new life into the softcore homemade queer porn genre. Producer and director Dean Littner’s body of work tackles a wide variety of subjects and genres such as LGBTQ awareness, addiction, comedy, and horror. www.youtube.com/c/DeanLittner

Raymond Reyes (Los Angeles) - 'Billy Scroat' [3:04]

Raymond Reyes is a writer, actor, singer, dancer, choreographer, director, filmmaker, artist, and vegan chef. He is currently editing his first feature film, Corona Creepers. @superphreaky

Travis Wood (Los Angeles) - 'Wild Thing' [2:59]

Travis Wood is co-creator, producer, and artist for Planet Queer and the NSFW Film Fest. He has appeared as a performance artist and Butoh dancer in clubs, alleys, street corners, circuses, festivals, and occasionally a real theater. 


Planet Queer is dedicated to providing a platform for queer creative expression. Since 2012 PQ has produced many events including a monthly experimental performance night at Akbar in Silverlake Los Angeles, The Adonis Project at Human Resources and NSFW Film Fest at Highways Performance Space.

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    Planet Queer